Venue: TOKYO FM HALL (Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku,Kojimachi 1-Chome 7th FM Center 2F)
Dates: 17th July, 2015 (Friday)
Time: 18:30 Doors open 19:00 Performance Start
※ Product pre-sale 17:30 -
※ 90 minutes live + 4th single「Girlfriend」 Booking Privilege
※ Admission in arrangement number , free seating.
※ for the arrangement admission, please refrain from taking the seat for the companions. One person per one seat, thank you for your cooperation

Rates: Buy in advance 3,500 yen /on the day 4,000 yen
Advance tickets: June 27, 2015 (Sat) 21:00 sold by to the following URL
※ pre-registration is required for live pocket.

■ Privilege meeting content
· Handshake meeting ( handshake meeting by lane)
・ Photo session (「Girlfriend」 group shot photo session in costume)
・ Autographed Clear File give away meeting ※ Privilege meeting stamp card.

■ Shipping
Release Date: 2015/06/17
Title: Girlfriend
[CD + DVD] AVCD-83255 / B ¥ 2,000 yen (basic price) + tax
[CD only] AVCD-83256 ¥ 1,000 yen (basic price) + tax
[CD only _8 CD set] AVC1-83258 ~ 5 ¥ 6,000 yen (basic price) + tax ※ mu-mo shop / event venue Limited Edition
[CD Only] Other members picture label ※ mu-mo shop / event venue Limited Edition. ¥ 750 yen (basic price) + tax
AVC1-83302 → Che'Nelle
AVC1-83303 → Mukōyama Takeshi
AVC1-83304 → Sasaki Kazuya
AVC1-83305 → Sawaki Toshiichi
AVC1-83306 → NakayamaYuki
AVC1-83307 → Kimata Hiroyuki
AVC1-83308 → Yamaguchi Tomoya
AVC1-83257 → Tejima Akito
※ The number of products is limited. Please note.
※ For more information about the 4th SINGLE 「Girlfriend」 you can check it from the following

■ Regarding the participation ticket of the give away privilege meeting
[CD + DVD] [CD only] [CD only ※ mu-mo shop / event venue Limited Edition] → handshake meeting participation ticket (one)
[CD only _8 CD set ※ mu-mo shop / event venue Limited Edition] → photo session participation ticket (one)

■The detail of special event
① Photo event (Group photo shot event)
[only CD_8 sets of CD] Every time you purchase 1 set of the above mentioned goods, you will receive 1 entrance ticket for photo event.
Those who have this ticket can participate in the photo event. Each ticket is valid for 1 person, one time.
※You can take a photo only with your cellphone. (We do not accept a digital camera, instant camera (Cheki) and so on.)
※You can stand in the middle, surrounded by SOLIDEMO members. (You can also take multiple photos with your friends.)
※You can select a member who will stand next to you and also can step forward with your favorite member to take a photo.
※You can enjoy the photo event within certain ranges of manner, such as holding hands (you can also do arm in arm), holding hand-made message board with members. (It is not allowed to take a photo of members with holding other goods than official goods.)

②Handshake event (by lane)
[CD+DVD][only CD][only CD ※mu-mo shop, event venue limited edition]
When you purchase either one, you will receive 1 ticket for handshake event.
Those who have a ticket for handshake event, you can choose one of the two lanes and participate in the handshake in the lane.
※it is 2-lane handshake event, and there are 4 members in each lane.
※Please note that we will announce the combination of the member by lane on the day of the event.
※Since we consider customers' and artists' security the priority, please leave your stuff and do not have anything in your both hands in order to participate in the handshake event. Also, please refrain from other types of behavior than handshaking.

■About the stamp card
Each purchase of the targeted item 1,000 yen (including tax) will allow you to get one stamp.
If you collect 30 stamps on your stamp card, you can get one of original bonus 「clear folder with autograph」 per a card.

※The point card can be used only in the periodic live and the event venue (some exceptions including).
※You cannot share the point card with other users. Each person can use one card.
※If you lose the point card, the collected stamps will be expired.

Please keep certainly these notices below for participating in this event.
If we find any actions against the notice and someone would not follow our indication on the day, the event might be cancelled or the violating person would be made to go out of the venue. Please note that in advance.
※In order to make a safety of participants and artists the best, for security reasons, we would examine or keep your bag temporarily.
※Security staffs will be on watch in the hall. If you find any suspicious people or things, please tell a security staff near you.
※Please take off your rings from your hands when you go to the shake hands event.
※Please note that for the security purpose, we might refuse some specific customers we consider inappropriate to the event.
※Each event might end even if some customers are still waiting.
※If you have multiple tickets, you have to go back to the end of the line every time for each ticket.

If you have any questions, please ask staffs at the event hall.
Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.