AMESUTA regular program of SOLIDEMO, live variety 「Sori-Nama!」 has been decided to be on the air on Mar 13(Fri)!
In addition, premium broadcasting (Pay live broadcasting) will be also on the air!

Today's guest is an actor, Hidetoshi Kubota who is only the gest of second time appearances!

<Program details>

■ Title

■ Broadcasting
Once a month (schedule will be changed depending on the month)

■ Broadcast date
Mar 13 (Fri)
Public broadcasting 21:00~22:00
Premium broadcast 22:15~23:15

■ viewing URL
※Video is raw delivered to Amesuta TOP page

<Premium broadcast>

Program after the end of 22:15~Premium broadcasting!
SOLIDEMO will implement the premium broadcast is divided into two rooms!
Guest of Kubota Hidetoshi premium broadcast implementation!

① Schnell, Sawaki Yamaguchi-Teshima

② Mukaiyama Sasaki Nakayama, Kimata

③ Kubota Hidetoshi

■ broadcasting time
※You will need a Amesuta point for viewing
Watch how here