The tour goods of 「SOLIDEMO 1st TOUR 2015 ~8 Collars~」 are released! The limited venue privilege announcement!

The tour goods of 『SOLIDEMO 1st TOUR 2015 ~8 Collars~』 which will be sold in the venue, which is the first tour of SOLIDEMO on Oct. 24 (Sat), are completed!
Please check the goods such as the over-sized T-shirts, the checking cards used the new photos (all random 8 kinds).

Also, they will be sold at mu-mo shop from Oct. 26 (Mon). Please buy them at the venue or mu-mo shop as a memento of the tour!

mu-mo shop
Starting sales on Oct. 26 (Mon), 2015 at 16:00.

mu-mo shop (overseas)

The products will not be indicated until starting sales.
Please note that the sales will be finished selling as soon as the items are sold out.
Please note that it may be hard to see because the access to our site is poured on the sales day.

Special bonus only for those who purchase the item in the hall
In commemoration of holding 「SOLIDEMO 1st TOUR 2015 ~8 Collars~」, we will give 1 shopping bag to those who purchase more than 6,000 Yen in total in the sales floor of the items in the tour hall as a present.

We will end the present of the shopping bag when they are sold out in each hall.
Only the tour items and pen light that are sold in the sales floor of the items in the tour hall are eligible for campaign.
The CD is not eligible for the campaign.
We do not accept when receipts are totaled.

Schedule/Venue/Expected time to start sales by priority
October 24th Saturday: Fushimi Jammin'/Sales by priority: 12:30
October 30th Friday: Hiroshima Club Quattro/Sales by priority: 17:00
November 1st Sunday: Umeda Akaso/Sales by priority: 15:30
November 13th Friday: Fukushima Live Space C-moon/Sales by priority: 17:00
November 22nd Sunday: Shin Yokohama New Side Beach/Sales by priority: 15:30
November 28th Saturday: Tenjin IMS Hall/Sales by priority: 16:00
December 10th Thursday Heaven's Rock Saitama Shin-Toshin/Sales by priority: 17:00
December 16th Wednesday Kashiwa Palooza/Sales by priority: 17:00
December 31st Thursday Takeshiba New Pier Hall/Sales by priority: 14:00

As it will be crowded at the sales floor during and after the concert, we recommend that you use the sales by priority.
The start of the sales by priority is subject to change due to crowdedness of the day.
We appreciate your understanding in advance.
When you buy the item, please check the goods and changes immediately. Especially, please check your changes before you go away the shop. We cannot response because it is too difficult after going away from the shop.
We can accept the credit cards to pay at the goods shop, but please note that it may be not available due to the condition of radio wave at the venue.
We will sell stick lights in the tour venue.
The goods sales will be finished 30 minutes after the performance is closed.

¥3,500(tax included)

SOLIDEMO 1st TOUR sports towel
¥2,500(tax included)

SOLIDEMO 1st TOUR hoodie
¥6,000(tax included)

Scrunchie (all eight kinds available)
¥700(tax included)
There is only one of all the eight kinds of the scrunchies inside. You cannot take a look at the inside to choose and buy it.

Changing Card(Complete in 8 kinds at random)
There is one kind inside, out of the eight kinds in complete. You cannot choose the inside and buy one.