Sep 19 (Fri) 21:00 ~ Amesuta "Solinama!" 3rd O.A.! with 2 guests "Hiroki & Yosuke Imai"!

SOLIDEMO Amesuta regular program "Solinama!" 2rd will be on air on Aug 13 (Wed)!

Live variety, SOLIDEMO Amesuta regular program "Solinama!" 3rd will be on air!
It will be broadcasted on Sep 19 ... with 2 guests again!
"Hiroki" and "Yosuke Imai", who will appear together in MEN'S NA-TION MUSIC LIVE!
In addition, the premium live program (Paid broadcast) will be broadcasted after the program!


■ Title

■ On air
Once a month (Schedule changes depending on the month)

■ 3rd broadcast
Sep 19 (Fri) 21:00 - 22:00

■ Guest
Yosuke Imai

■ Viewing URL
* Live video will be delivered at Amesuta TOP page

<Premium program>

The premium program will be broadcasted after the program!
SOLIDEMO will be devided into two rooms and broadcast the premium program!

①SOLIDEMO Watabe・Mukouyama・Nakayama・Mokuzen

②SOLIDEMO Sasaki・Sawaki・Yamaguchi・Tejima

※Hiroki、Yosuke Imai will also go on premium broadcasting.

■broadcasting hours

※Looking and listening are required Amesuta points.
The way to looking and listening is below