“Heroine” Release Twitter Campaign

[“Heroine” Release Twitter Campaign]

To commemorate the release of SOLIDEMO’s second single “Heroine,” we will conduct a Twitter campaign.

If you follow SOLIDEMO manager QP (@staff_SOLIDEMO) during the campaign,
tweet with the hashtag “# Heroine917” or retweet @staff_SOLIDEMO’s hashtag “# Heroine917,”
you may be one of the 8 winners who receive the original Heroine poster with the members’ autographs.

■Campaign period

September 16, 2014 (Tues) 12:00 Noon-September 21 (Sun) 20:00

We will notify only winners by September 25 (Thurs).

On the 16th members will tweet many tomes from QP Twitter.
Thank you in advance for your re-tweeting.